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SZA's POV of being 20 Something

SZA recently released her album Ctrl, a beautiful body of art that speaks of raw intimacy, casual sex, commitment and insecurities, topics highly regarded amongst individuals in their 20s. The “Love Galore” songstress seems to use her album to tackle the subject matter in oddly refreshing and liberating ways.

The resolution of her 14-track thought process is reached with “20 Something,” an anthem for millennials world-round. On this track the St. Louis product seems to accept that like most millennials, she doesn’t quite have her life figured out. 

“How could it be 20-something? All alone still Not a phone in my name? Ain’t got nothing, running from love Only know fears That’s me, Ms. 20-something" Throughout the song, she discusses the fears of being in her 20s, the pressures and emotions of losing friends, and even allowing the age where we’re supposed to be most free defeat us. At a time where depression runs rampant and the pressures of being successful before 30 are at an all-time high, SZA reassures us that she wishes us the best a simple “Good luck on them 20-somethings.”

To all my readers, especially the millennials, it’s easy to feel like the weight of the world in on our shoulders, but you’re in control of your destiny. If you ever feel like life is unbearable, reach out to someone, and if no one reaches back, reach out to me; I’m here! 

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