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Headphanie Hennessey No Longer Available

The Lilac Company (supposedly) ends their production plans for their "Headphanie" Hennessey. The idea for the liquor derives from Young M.A.'s extremely popular song "OOOUUU": You call her Stephanie, I Call her Headphanie.

Many speculated legal action by Young M.A. caused the cease of production. According to tweets from The Lilac Company's official twitter account, We stopped it because it was the right thing to do. There has been no legal actions taken against us.

The bottle's label reads The Lilac Company and Hennessy presents... which suggests an official brand collaboration. In a public statement Hennessey informed everyone they are not in anyway associated with The Lilac Company, and had zero knowledge of Headphanie's conception.

Although they still advertise their Headphanie collection on their website. The Lilac Company stated all production is done and all bottles have been removed off shelves.

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