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The Newest Fashion Trend in Rap/Hip-Hop!

This Fall Rappers are annihilating the fur fashions! Kendrick Lamar covers this month's issue of GQ style in a nearly $3,000 platinum tan Micheal Kors coat. The coat is a dramatic alternative from his usual choice of hard edge contemporary stylings!

The HipHop superstar is also featured in a fashion spread for the magazine . In the spread he is draped in some other pricey furs created by fashion juggernauts Prada and Dolce/Gabbana.

Before Kendrick joined the fur trend, rappers Gucci Mane and Young Thug had already begun to blaze that trail.

Appearing side by side on the cover of XXL Magazine this month. Professor Guwop is wearing a tan Trench fur, with a neck submerged in gold chains.

His protege, Thugger is wearing a maroon and magenta fur coat. It is obvious that both share the same taste in jewelry.

I shall not be surprised to see other respected rap artist follow this phase, as i predicted months ago the trend would catch on. Check out the proceeding fur shoot I did with music artist Doni Legend

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