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Gucci's Fall Line is Everything and More!

For this upcoming Fall Season, I’m loving the Gucci collection. With Alessandro Michele as the new creative director, incooperating a variety of graphics, embroideries, and other creative element to the brand. Essentially providing Gucci with a spark of eclectic fire! My favorite piece so far has to be this luxurious quilted tapestry print lined leather biker jacket!

The nearly $8,000 jacket features floral embroidered appliqués and studs. The jacket is also laced with unique hand-painted birds and bees. The combination creates a subtle artsy connotation of sexual intercourse that i find visually gorgeous! The jacket has such an elegant presence that you could wear it during the most formal occasions while also possessing enough ego for more casual events. I Encourage the jacket to be worn as a signature, statement piece! (Click the photo above to purchase). Read further for a more

budget friendly alternatives!

Denim Gucci Jacket

This beautiful expensive work of art also has a $5,000 denim counterpart featuring nearly the same theme of design, with noticeable changes in style. (click photo for more info)

Below is a very awesome DIY Gucci inspired jacket, to figure out how they made theirs simply click the photo below!

Guys and girls for inspiration on how to effectively wear the aforementioned jacket,check out the concept outfits i put together below!

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