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      For my photojournalism project critic i decided to reshoot the same idividuals i used during the course. On the left are photos I submitted for our themed assignment and on the right are photos of the same individuals taken recently. For the assignment we had to submit a seris of photos on the topic of our choosing. My topic was College Students With Unconvential Dreams.

            The photo on the left suffers from a various amount of poor chocies. The high angle altough a great idea was not the most flattering for the model. The retouching was poorly executed, the bags under her eyes, the scars in her face and the darkness around her mouth could have all been easily removed. Notice in the picture on the left how her skin is mostly one even tone and  her facial blimishes are invisible. I decided to do a lower angle, I discoverd that pont of view made her features look more appealing

         I thought that the photo on the left was a solid shot, it had decent head room and nice focus and depth of field. The retouching could have been a lot more detailed. What i really had an issue with was it's lack of creativity. It looks bland and dismissable. Is exudes creativity and eye catching features. The retouching is very detailed, cause the photo to have a nice glossy finish unlike its rough counterpart

             The photo on the left suffers from harsh lighting. The overexposing of the model caused a lot of discoloratio. The terrible cropping that occured caused the resolution to dramatically suffer, I recall Dr. Moises telling us the more you crop the more the quality of the photo depletes. The more recent photo on the right quality is surly better, the use of of shadows and natural light made for the perfect tone of shading. The angle is way more dynamic and unconventional

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